Kanda on the Internet

It’s been a few months of back-and-forth, but I’ve finally decided to publish this website and make it publicly available! (You can find out more about the situation behind the website here.)

I don’t expect to post regularly; maybe once every two or three weeks, averaging out to about twice a month. Like any other blog (WordPress blogs, Blogger, Tumblr), it’s mostly going to be a record for my benefit, but I’m hoping this will be of interest (and become a good reference).

What can you expect?

  1. NEWEST: All the newest posts go there. Consider that the “main part” of the website.
    • The average word count for these posts is planned for under 1000.
  2. KITCHEN: My forays in the kitchen, including bakes and meals. I’m also thinking food-related posts in general will go there, as I will also be writing about my favorite places to buy ingredients and about restaurants I’ve been.
    • For those who hate blogs with recipes, rest assured, I will have the recipe at the top and you can read the associated commentary/backstory after if you feel like it (or while you’re waiting for desserts to bake/set).
  3. EXTRAS: Posts which aren’t really considered part of the main section; mostly supplementary or one-off posts.
    • The average word count will be much higher for these posts as I don’t plan on ‘serializing’ these posts. There will most likely be media links that link out to other websites (e.g. YouTube, Wikipedia, etc.).
  4. OFF-SHOT: Extra portions from the blog posts that didn’t make the main edit. Extra photos, tidbits, comments/opinions, etc., stuff like that.

Thematically, you can expect a lot of food, music, and reflections of life on the islands and in Japan. I’ll also share some tips and deals I find, as well!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or get in touch on social media (unless you’d like to be rude, then you can wait 24 hours before contacting me to see if you really would like to be rude).

… I think that’s it. And with that, we’re off!

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