Music Monday Special Edition: Valentine’s Day


Today’s Valentine’s Day, which seems to universally upset people: if you’re single you’re sad you’re alone, and if you’re in a relationship/marriage you stress out about gifts and gestures. But with an abundance of “love” songs, no need to fret! Why not use this YouTube playlist as the basis for an old-school burned CD, mix tape, or that newfangled Spotify playlist (which totally takes the romance out of having no idea what’s coming up, by the way)?

Songs about love

沢田知可子 (Sawada Chikako) – 会いたい (Aitai)

Although she may be a one-hit wonder, Sawada Chikako provided Japan one its most enduring love songs (and a karaoke staple) since 1990. Inspired by her classmate/friend/almost lover who got into an accident and passed away prior to her major debut, she sings that she wants to meet him and do the things he said they were going to do.

‘Don’t go far,’ I said
Please, don’t leave me alone
強く 抱きしめて
Hold me tightly
And live next to me

‘We’ll go to the beach,
いっぱい 映画も観るって
We’ll watch a lot of movies,’
You promised, didn’t you?
あなた 約束したじゃない
You promised, didn’t you?
I want to see you…

Girls Aloud – The Promise

The single that finally won Girls Aloud a BRIT award (they deserved one as far back as Biology, IMO), the song is essentially a ‘reluctant love song’: no matter what this person does, you end up breaking the promise to yourself and falling for them anyway.

You’re gonna make me, make me love you
Nothing at all, nothing that I do
Promise I made, promise I made
Starting to fade, starting to fade…

Shania Twain – You’re Still the One

Although I’m sure this is a staple in most people’s mixes (and wedding playlists), I want to reintroduce this track mainly because I don’t think Shania is getting the attention she deserves—she’s truly the precursor to Carly Rae Jepsen and all their Canadian magic. She interviews well, and her sophomore (!!) album Come on Over is probably one of ten albums that defined the ’90s and helped shape the crossover country-pop genre.

You’re still the one I run to
The on that I belong to
You’re still the one I want for life…

Wonder Girls – Nobody

I was lucky enough to go to their live when they released their American album (with decent translations of their hits, no less!), so they’ll always have a special place in my playlists and memories. Although a bit grovelling, the song itself is a banger and may help you if you’re going through a breakup (in a weird way?).

Lyrics courtesy of Color Coded Lyrics

Zoe – Je t’aime

One of the songs Zoe submitted for her first attempt in representing Austria in 2015 (along with Quel Filou), the song is a simple French love song, but elevated since it’s in French for us non-Francophones.

Donne-moi ta main, partons
Jusqu’à la fin de ce monde
Et infiniment, je s’rai à toi
Je donne ma vie, oh que je t’aime
Tu s’ra mon roi et moi ta reine
Je serai à toi, oh que je t’aime
Pour toujours à toi, oh que
Je t’aime

Give me your hand, let’s go
Until the end of this world
And infinitely, I will be yours
I give my life, oh how much I love you
You will be my king and I will be your queen
I will be yours,o h how much I love you
Forever yours, oh how much
I love you
(Lyrics courtesy of LyricsTranslate)

(Bonus) Svetlana Loboda – Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl!)

I mean, it’s in the title. Ukraine normally sends bangers when they’re upbeat, and this is no exception—just watch and enjoy on your own.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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