Sayumi’s Loco Moco Heart Bento


Sayumi ate this for lunch the day she had studio recordings. A few explanations/disclaimers follow the recipe.


1 Love-Love Burger (leftovers)
1 egg
1/2 potato
30g cabbage
160g cooked rice
1 tsp ketchup³
curry powder/roux to taste²


1. Fry the egg sunny-side up (or easy/medium over).¹
2. Cut the potato into even discs/hearts and pan-fry, seasoning with curry powder. Flip after a couple minutes to your desired doneness.²
3. In the meantime, reheat your hamburger in the microwave.
4. Place the cooked rice into a bowl, then put thinly chopped cabbage, potatoes, hamburger, and egg in that order (with the egg on top). Finish with ketchup.³

¹ Is it “over easy/medium” or “easy/medium over”? Sound off in the comments if you wish.
² The original recipe suddenly called for water and diced curry roux, with the ingredients all heated in the microwave; after checking both the recipe’s ingredients and the show itself, there was no indication as to how much of each was necessary. With no substitute, I thought frying the potato would be safer (and more delicious). If you want to cut your curry roux, 5 g of curry roux should be enough with about 25ml of water; just watch out for oil splatter (if you used oil to fry your egg). If using curry powder, I would also suggest a dash of salt on each side of the potato.
³ A traditional loco moco uses brown gravy, which you could possibly use in place of the ketchup. Another option is using the curry you’ve already taken out, and making an adequate amount of curry to go over the top. Usually, there would be enough gravy/sauce to eat with the rice, but that’s up to you.

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