Kanda Translates: ANGERME’s Kamikokuryou Moe “P-LEAGUE Supporter” Levelling up her talking?!

The following is a translation of an interview between TheTV and Kamikokuryou Moe from ANGERME on her role as “P-League Supporter,” a role she took over from Nakajima Saki upon her graduation. The interview was originally published on May 29th, 2018.

ANGERME’s Kamikokuryou Moe interviews P-Leaguers as “P-League Supporter” in her corner “P-Leaguer FILE” within the bowling tournament program “Bowling Revolution P-LEAGUE.” (ボウリング革命P★LEAGUE)

This time, we got Kamikokuryou (“Kamiko”) to talk about her activities as “P-League Supporter” half a year after her first appearance.

TheTV: P-LEAGUE is your first job by yourself. Have you gotten used to it after about six months?

Kamiko: I’m definitely not used to it at all… (haha). I interview all the bowlers, but I’m still nervous enough for people to probably say, “you’re giving off the uncomfortable vibe.”

TheTV: Were you always good at talking?

Kamiko: Nope, I’m bad enough that I got to start a fan club radio program by myself to practice. I’ve been aware of how much I don’t like talking… so I’m no good (wry smile).

TheTV: So that means you’re levelling up right now, yeah?

Kamiko: True, I am levelling up!

TheTV: What were your thoughts when you were told you’d become “P-League Supporter” by yourself?

Kamiko: At first, I thought, “why me?!” Then, I always had the image of Nakajima Saki (previous P-League supporter) being really good at talking, so I also felt, “somehow I got roped into it?!” and “what should I do?” But I also thought, “this is a huge opportunity!” knowing this was my first solo job.

TheTV: In addition to it being your first solo job, having inherited this job from your respected senior Nakajima Saki, was there pressure?

Kamiko: There was a whole lot of pressure.

TheTV: Regarding this, did Nakajima say anything?

Kamiko: I haven’t been able to talk with her. There’s a lot I’d like to talk about!

TheTV: What would you like to ask Nakajima?

Kamiko: “How do you extract stories from your interviewee?” Even though this is an interviewing role, I feel like I’m unable to do that, so I want to ask her how she did that.

TheTV: Have you bowled often before this?

Kamiko: As a child I used to go to children’s events, and we used to go as a family, but from middle school I haven’t been able to go as much.

TheTV: Are you good?

Kamiko: I went with Sasaki Rikako this winter and got a 105. So I’m not good.

TheTV: Well, I think girls shooting over 100 is rather good!

Kamiko: Really? Then that’s good, isn’t it?!

TheTV: Through appearing on this program, the opportunities to deal with bowling increased, yeah?

Kamiko: Yes! The bowlers have told me, “hold it like this, and walk with rhythm in your approach,” so I tried it for real. Thanks to that, I think I was able to get over 100. I was able to really enjoy myself.

TheTV: The positive effects of the program! You interview the P-Leaguers each time, but are there any memorable moments?

Kamiko: There are! When I asked Kobayashi Yoshimi what the most difficult thing is, she said “on a tour a typhoon was coming, so although a plane ride would only take 3-4 hours, the planes may not fly the next day. So we took the Shinkansen, but that was also delayed, so in the end it took over 10 hours to reach our destination.” I was surprised they had such crazy things happen to them! It’s interesting being able to listen to those kinds of episodes.

TheTV: Is there anything you’ve wanted to use in your own life or work?

Kamiko: In interviews they say, “thanks to the fans, I’m able to thrive now,” or “the fans’ support becomes my strength, and it also supports my performance.” It made me realize again how much that was the same for me. Even though our genres are different, some parts are the same.

TheTV: Are there any P-Leaguers who taugh you anything practical?

Kamiko: On the mental side of things. When I asked Kobayashi Ayumi about what she does for her mental game, she said “I flip the switch.” Others have told me, “I also have to stand out when I’m performing.” P-LEAGUE isn’t just about bowling skill, but action and visual appeal is also important. In the small details of actions, I’ve also trying to incorporate in my own performances.

TheTV: You can use what you’re seeing and hearing in the program in your ANGERME activities.

Kamiko: Yes, I’m glad I’m doing it!

TheTV: Is there anything you’d like to do on the program in the future?

Kamiko: I’ve been given a lot of advice and pointers in the interviews, so I’d like to actually try it. I’d also want to challenge them with the ANGERME members since we all like bowling.

TheTV: Who seems to be the best at bowling in ANGERME?

Kamiko: Probably Takeuchi Akari? I think she bowls at home, so I think she has that talent and good sense. She’s probably really good.

TheTV: “Defeat Take-chan!”, huh? Is there anything other than interviewing you’d like to do?

Kamiko: They do a lot of things for the DVDs, and there are who people want to do an act/play, so I’d like to do that with them.

TheTV: We’re looking forward to more of your appearances on P-LEAGUE. Finally, a message for P-LEAGUE fans.

Kamiko: It still hasn’t been long since I became “P-League Supporter,” so there are still a lot of things I don’t know, but I’d like to learn with all the fans, and enjoy “Bowling Revolution P-LEAGUE” together!

She’s definitely grown a lot in the past 18-24 months, and I think the beauty/fashion campaigns she’s been landing has also been helping with her confidence!

I translated this mainly because I watch the show fairly religiously, and always appreciated the Hello! Project connection since Nakajima Saki was introduced as the original P-League Supporter.

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