Michishige Sayumi’s Love-love burger

Michishige’s first meal in the competition, she commented that this was something she often made with her mother. This was her first dish she said she would be making on her own before she started. Ingredients For the burger/sides 1/2 onion 100 ml milk 30 g panko/bread crumbs 1 egg 90 g ground beef/pork 1/8…

Michishige Sayumi’s Ougon Densetsu: Overview/Ingredient List

To put it in short: I rewatched Michishige Sayumi’s appearance on Ougon Densetsu (黄金伝説) when she did the “1 month, 10,000 yen challenge” (一万円一ヶ月生活対決) against Robert’s Akiyama Ryuji. After finding a collection of her recipes online in Japanese and trying a couple with success, I figured it was time to share those recipes in English….

Kanda Translating (on the side)

A long overdue update to this website! Hopefully I can keep you more updated than I have been. I’ve started translating more formally on this Twitter. Most of it is entertainment news, but I’ve also been trying to explain/translate other areas (which will be made public soon), such as recipes. Some of the bigger projects…

Off Shot II: At the HoMA

I went to the Honolulu Museum of Art back in January for an informal photo shoot with my friend—these are a few of the shots I really like and some of the art I took pictures of: