Michishige Sayumi’s Ougon Densetsu: Overview/Ingredient List

To put it in short: I rewatched Michishige Sayumi’s appearance on Ougon Densetsu (黄金伝説) when she did the “1 month, 10,000 yen challenge” (一万円一ヶ月生活対決) against Robert’s Akiyama Ryuji. After finding a collection of her recipes online in Japanese and trying a couple with success, I figured it was time to share those recipes in English….

Kanda Translating (on the side)

A long overdue update to this website! Hopefully I can keep you more updated than I have been. I’ve started translating more formally on this Twitter. Most of it is entertainment news, but I’ve also been trying to explain/translate other areas (which will be made public soon), such as recipes. Some of the bigger projects…

Off Shot II: At the HoMA

I went to the Honolulu Museum of Art back in January for an informal photo shoot with my friend—these are a few of the shots I really like and some of the art I took pictures of: