Recipe Index

The recipes presented here have been made at least twice, with some exceptions in terms of flavoring. I’m not an expert nor am I trained (I started baking from scratch in October 2016), but I have rated the difficulty out of five stars:

  1. * (one star): Easy-peasy; usually just mixing then cooking/setting with a good margin for error
  2. ** (two stars): Simple; as long as you follow the method correctly then this should also be a piece of cake (maybe literally)
  3. *** (three stars): Average; a bit more attention needed (e.g. timing, texture, temperature, etc.); margin for failure relatively high (esp. if there are multiple facets to a recipe)
  4. **** (four stars): Challenging; you’ll want to focus just on the task at hand without getting distracted; recommended to set aside time and a half on the recipe for the first couple times; uncommon methods/ingredients start to appear
  5. ***** (five stars): Difficult; temperatures, timing, textures must be exact; uncommon methods or ingredients are extremely common here

Most recipes listed will be 4 stars and under.

The following alphabetized (and ingredient indexed) list was created to save you time in scrolling/searching for recipes:

Hotcakes (**; ~30 minutes)

Ingredients: cake flour (all-purpose flour); milk; eggs; granulated/caster sugar; baking powder

Mini teatime tarts (***; ~60 minutes)

Ingredients: all-purpose flour; butter/margarine; granulated/caster sugar; eggs; heavy whipping (double) cream; flavor extracts; (fresh) fruit juice; (fresh fruit)

Soft French bread (**; ~150 minutes)

Ingredients: bread flour (strong flour); milk; granulated/caster sugar; butter/margarine; active dry yeast; salt